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>> №2140


>> №2141

mon ami Jilles, я сам не свой порой
вчера вот водку пил, и был бухой
мозги на полку, радость и покой
на скору руку хуй пожарил — и отбой

>> №2167

Милый Жак, спешу сообщить вам, что доведён вашим поведением до точки сборки.

Да конечно, гашлом и спидом у нас на районе нынче не банкуютъ, и даже может показаться вовсе нецелесообразным посещение наших палатов.
Но ты охуел же в конец, сука. Сколько можно хлебом единым? (пиздянка не в счёт)

Сдохнеш как гнилая морковь, предрекаю.
Но нас там уже не будет, подтирать за тобой вонючую рыжую жижу. Потому что заебал вканец, соплеёб.

ЗЫ ушёл в аптеку за Обидолом,
С ненавистью и трепетом,
твой дед Пихто

>> №2168

горсть строгости

>> №2207

>>2167 салатик, я бутербродик, как слышно?

Я не то что схожу с ума, но устал за лето.
За рубашкой в комод полезешь, и день потерян.
Поскорей бы, что ли, пришла зима и занесла всё это -
города, человеков, но для начала зелень.
Стану спать не раздевшись или читать с любого
места чужую книгу, покамест остатки года,
переходят в положенном месте асфальт.

>> №2208

>нынче не банкуютъ
>ушёл в аптеку за Обидолом


>> №2210

as far as i have no idea to whom it may concern heres 2 reps

rep1. folks, let's put it this way, friendship is a state of two (or more) human beings.

human is a thing, upon many other stuff, that nurtures love in soul to close ones and takes according responsibilities.
so when i witness desintegration of entire human nature of the person i am in friendship relations with it kinda hurts me. or i may kill someone responsible.

bonds do no good here

rep2. what the fuck are you talking about!&!&

it's been fun, thanks,

>> №2212

>when i witness desintegration
>it kinda hurts me

ho-hum, innocent bystanders, enjoy your AIDS illiterately!

>i may kill someone responsible

we've got a file on you, so get back to killing time

>friendship is a state (is it Colorado?)

or maybe friendship is a stage — realized in coincidence, violated by love, desecrated in marriage, and venerated in despair

>bonds do no good here

naturally, friendship runs on privilege

>> №2215

wow im really surprised you didnt make fun of the responsibilities part.

still kinda left me with highschool history lesson dejavu feeling.

"or maybe friendship is a stage — realized in coincidence, violated by love, desecrated in marriage, and venerated in despair"

-crazy frog mode?

still, i don´t find much fun here

privelege my ass,
when i go to elections 4th of dec and vote for KPRF it doesn´t mean i want Zuganov to take over, it means i want to tell the guys in Kremlin "you´re doing something wrong!", apart from that when i say "it hurts me" i mean it, this fuckn family already gave me one heart desease, took me 2 years to recover, don´t want another.

not to mention i have no desire to join parties that make other people feel really hurt.

now go on and have a fun paty time bastard (karma = 0), life keeps an eye on you

>> №2216

it´s interesting that YOU have mentioned the word privelege, you hideout never-answer-when-you-call freak


>> №2217

and as far as you got me pretty upset and excited with your accusations i will allow myself to go extra mile (or two)

friendship, in my opinion, is based on honesty and it is in friends moral obligations to tell the truth and act accordingly.
your so-called friendship (seems to me) is nothing more than indulging upon the desire to have some good time, which may (i really pray it wont) end up in ruination of your so-called friends life. I do come from a separated family, and try to guess who suffered from it the most in the long run, same story my wifey can tell, believe it or not, only her story is way too sad as it literaly ended in ruination of persons life, god save his soul. Family is the greatest gift given to us by god, and cursed will be the one who does not appreciate it.

And talking about the people hurt, why don´t you consider friendship bonds with them?

As i hope you can see now, buddy, your friendship bonds, in my opinion, aint worth shit and youre nothing more than a typewriting dickpecker.

Have fun.

>> №2222

> i really pray
> god's greatest gift

i see that you've decided to drag god into this. having a hard time believing in your own responsibilities, hmm?

what went wrong for you may still work for others, no?

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